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About The Chamber

The Chamber was formed in 1974, as an advocacy group to combat escalating gasoline prices and their effects on the tourism industry. The Chamber has continued that tradition while expanding the Chamber’s profile, reach and member base.

The Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. is here to assist, support, promote and advocate on behalf of our member business community.

The Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce and Industry is established for the purpose of bringing together the business and professional interests of the county, permitting them to accomplish collectively what none could do individually. The focus and objective of the Chamber shall be the growth and retention of its member businesses and other enterprises in Sullivan County. The Chamber shall serve as a point of contact and center of information, facilitation and exchange between providers and those in need of information useful in the conduct of business and marketing. Although nonpolitical in nature, the Chamber shall when appropriate, represent the consensus of its membership on legislative and political issues directly affecting business and commerce.

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