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    Sullivan County Young Professionals - formerly Young Emerging Leaders - YEL! for Change...what are we about?

    If you are unaware, YEL! stands for Young Emerging Leaders and we are a task force of the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce. Our mission is, “to bridge the gap between aspiring individuals and local businesses to advance the growth of Sullivan County.” You may be wondering, what exactly does that mean? It’s quite simple: young professionals + local businesses + networking = success.

    Our vision, though simple, is vital to the longevity of Sullivan County: connect the aspiring youth of the county with local business professionals. By fostering these relationships and exposing the great jobs available in our backyard, we will inspire those who grow up here to stay here.

    YEL! is the missing link between talented high school and college graduates of Sullivan County and local businesses. We will encourage all to discover the secrets of doing business in Sullivan County. We will learn from each other powerful sales, marketing and networking skills. But above all, we will close generational gaps in business.

    Join our mailing list to find out all the details about meetings and happenings! Just send an email with “SCYP" in the subject line and your email in the body to Young Professionals Sullivan County scypcatskills@gmail.com.

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  • Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce & Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association present:
    Catskills Hospitality

    Grow Your Business with Exceptional Service

    THE CORE 5:

    • BRAND - What is the Sullivan Catskills brand and how does it affect the
       Sullivan Catskills experience?
    • SERVICE - Where does customer service start? Before they walk through your
       door - and when their journey begins.
    • LEADERSHIP - Everyone’s a leader - even if you’re not “the leader.”
    • CULTURE - There are 8 critical qualities to a “Customer Friendly” approach...
    • INNOVATION - Lasting Impressions - The Micro Moment Experience

    Customer Service is not a department. It is a philosophy to be embraced by every employee – from the owner to the most recently hired. Every contact customers have with your business is an opportunity for you to  improve the reputation of the business and increase the likelihood of future sales. By creating the Sullivan Catskills experience, together, we have the opportunity to set ourselves apart and build loyal customers.

    We can train you and your staff with these exceptional tools to help you achieve success.  We can also customize the training to fit your individual needs. 

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