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    Sullivan County Young Professionals - formerly Young Emerging Leaders - YEL! for Change...what are we about?

    If you are unaware, YEL! stands for Young Emerging Leaders and we are a task force of the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce. Our mission is, “to bridge the gap between aspiring individuals and local businesses to advance the growth of Sullivan County.” You may be wondering, what exactly does that mean? It’s quite simple: young professionals + local businesses + networking = success.

    Our vision, though simple, is vital to the longevity of Sullivan County: connect the aspiring youth of the county with local business professionals. By fostering these relationships and exposing the great jobs available in our backyard, we will inspire those who grow up here to stay here.

    YEL! is the missing link between talented high school and college graduates of Sullivan County and local businesses. We will encourage all to discover the secrets of doing business in Sullivan County. We will learn from each other powerful sales, marketing and networking skills. But above all, we will close generational gaps in business.

    Join our mailing list to find out all the details about meetings and happenings! Just send an email with “SCYP" in the subject line and your email in the body to Young Professionals Sullivan County scypcatskills@gmail.com.

    Join our Facebook group or become a fan of our Page! Just type “Sullivan County Young Professionals" into the search box. Or click here


  • Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce Shop Local Campaign

    Think Local. Buy Local. Stay Local.

    You can make a positive impact in your local community, not only by what you buy, but more importantly, where you buy it…

    Sullivan County Offers:

    • Natural beauty
    • Small town friendliness
    • Sense of community
    • Cultural richness
    • Diversity

    Let’s put our money where our hearts are.

    Whether we are in Sullivan County to live, work or play, we need to support our local community. Buying local saves time, gasoline and jobs. It helps keep our community vibrant.

    Let’s recycle our dollars right here.

    By keeping our local economy strong, we create jobs and provide the tax revenue we need to maintain our roads, schools, police and fire protection, health services, libraries and parks.

    Let’s encourage local entrepreneurship.

    Some of us enjoy organic vegetables; some enjoy hunting. Some of us appreciate drama workshops; some appreciate the local tavern. We may meditate at an ashram or reflect in a bible class. We may eat at the local diner or at a gourmet continental restaurant. Fine art, biking trails, golf courses, trout fishing, ballroom dancing, computer classes, crafts fairs… Sullivan County has all this and will continue to have it, as long as we support it by spending our dollars locally.

    According to www.the350project.net, for every $100 spent in locally owned independent stores, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll and other expenditures.

    It is more difficult than ever to maintain a business in this economic climate and it is up to us to support our friends and neighbors here in Sullivan County.

    Food for thought: How much is your time worth? You should factor this amount into your shopping costs. Besides time, you also create additional wear and tear on your automobile. The cost of insurance plus the more mileage you drive a car, the lower its value. This is in addition to the obvious cost of gasoline. At $3.75 a gallon, averaging 20 miles to the gallon you would spend $18.75 on a round-trip of 100 miles. Adding the cost of your time and the additional driving expense, how much do you need to save to make it worthwhile?

    Shop Locally - it does make a difference to your local economy, community and your services!

    Top 10 reasons to buy locally in Sullivan County

    1. Encourages distinctive local businesses that cater to your local needs: nurseries and farm supply stores, realtors, sporting goods stores, restaurants, repairmen, building supplies, hobby shops, lawyers, car dealers, health care clinics, cultural centers, art studios, laundromats, hardware stores and many others
    2. Supports public services through sales tax revenue- these dollars fix our roads, maintain our recreational facilities, fund our fire departments and police departments, and much more
    3. Creates local jobs; increases local prosperity and reduces unemployment
    4. Reduces driving, saves time and gasoline and preserves the environment
    5. Starts a chain of “trickle-down” dollars that local merchants will use at local businesses, charities and public service events. Local business support other local businesses and non-profits
      1. Encourages new entrepreneurs and experts with special skills who will enhance Sullivan County’s shopping environment
      2. Buy from people who have local interests at heart and will make decisions that help improve the community
      3. Creates goodwill; your merchants may be your customers or your neighbors who will help you out in turn
      4. Local stores are more likely to carry locally produced foods and products which supports local agriculture and local trades
      5. My community is more important to me than cheap paper towels or designer socks!

    We recently asked our Chamber Member marketing and public relations companies to send us their vision of a shop local logo for Sullivan County. We received several designs and after much deliberation on my board’s part, went with this beautiful design done by Media Solstice Marketing and Public Relations. We feel that it sends a straight forward message: Sullivan County, Think Local, Buy Local, Stay Local.


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